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Budgeting for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Single Parent’s Day

By April 24, 2022 June 24th, 2022 No Comments

Celebrating on a budget for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Single Parent’s Day can be fun because creativity takes over. Keeping an open mind, welcoming new experiences and staying within a budget takes skills. These skills should be taught to our children. We all know children do not get paychecks. A lot of them would give mom a gift, if given the option to do so. Now you can. Check out the ideas below.

Children who are given options to celebrate their parent or parents, light up when they can offer a gift. After all, they are the recipients of your motherhood or fatherhood, so they want to celebrate you. Inform them ahead of time about what you want. Talk about other cultures and how they celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

In Mexico, they start their Mother’s Day celebrations the night before by visiting their mom or grandmother, following up the next day with a special church service that comes along with singing of the traditional song “Las Mañanitas” (say “las ma-nya-nee-tas”), which is a popular birthday song.

In Germany, men gather on Father’s Day, to go on hiking events and they make sure to have food and drinks to share. Sharing ideas on how to celebrate is the best part of event planning, especially when the children are allowed to be involved in the brainstorming process AND an idea of theirs is incorporated into the celebration.

Celebrating special times, events, days, and people are fun. One great example is Single Parent’s Day. This is the day we applaud the hard work and dedication of single parents being the sole provider to their children. Some great ideas for parents is to write a personal letter to each child, telling them how special they are; celebrate with other single parents; declare a family tradition to celebrate unconventional milestones.

May it a great day for yourself. Set achievable expectations and no, you do not have to spend over your budget. There are plenty of ideas to celebrate mom’s on Mother’s Day, dad’s on Father’s Day, and/or a single parent on Single Parent’s Day.