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FamilyPaternity Establishment

Why is Establishing Paternity Important?

By October 31, 2023 No Comments

Establishing paternity is crucial for various reasons.

First, it gives the father legal rights to make decisions concerning the child’s education, healthcare, and life. Additionally, the child has the right to receive financial support from both parents. It also enables the child to access the father’s medical history and, thus, effectively manage certain health conditions.

Establishing paternity is also essential in building an emotional connection between father and child, instilling a sense of identity in the child, and ensuring they inherit family assets in case of the father’s death.

Traditionally, fathers provide emotional support, serve as role models, practice positive discipline, offer financial support, and protect their families. Their contributions help create a stable and loving family environment, ensure financial well-being and education, and bring a sense of safety and security. Overall, fathers play a vital role in building a strong and happy family unit.


Author: Umiah Williams