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Community Groups for Moms

By May 24, 2023 No Comments

There are many reasons people need to reach out for help, advice, or to find entertainment. Many women turn to family members, friends, or social media.

Facebook groups within our communities can be one of the sources to turn to when someone wants fun or advice. When this happens and you need to turn to a site, there are many options. Below is a list of groups that can be an outsource for mothers.


757 Childcare/Daycares

Hampton Roads Mothers

Hampton Roads Moms Group

Mom and Parents of Norfolk, VA

Virginia Beach Moms Group

Navy Moms of Norfolk

RVA Moms

Suffolk Moms


Take a look at the groups and request to join one, two, or all. The information that can be found are resourceful, fun, and informative.

More specifically, information on children’s occupational therapy, Mother-Baby Labor delivery units, free piano lessons, cleaning services, art projects and more, can be found.


Author: Laphilda Davis