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Отприлике једна трећина изван САД. деца живе са неудате родитеља

According to Gretchen Livingston is a senior researcher focusing on fertility and family demographics at Pew Research Center. The share of U.S. children living with an unmarried parent has more than doubled since 1968, jumping from 13% до 32% in 2017. That trend has been...

Морнарица да повећа плаћено одсуство за нове тате, друге секундарне царегиверс

The Navy anticipates that it will implement a significant expansion of its paternity leave policies later this year, extending the amount of paid time off it grants to sailors whose spouses have just given birth from the current 10 days to as many as 21. To read more click on...

Више мушкараца постају очеви по први пут након удара великог 3-0.

The average age of fatherhood has increased by three-and-a-half years in the past 44 years, according to a Stanford University report, up to 30.9 years from 27.4 years old. The researchers used data from the National Vital Statistics System, which is part of the Centers for...

Проценат рођених за неудате мајке од стране државе

The Center for Disease Control released its findings on the numbers of unmarried parents giving birth in 2015 across the nation.  Virginia's numbers have decreased from 40% до 34.4%.  For information on Virginia and other states, please follow this link to the CDC...

Група удружује да би се осигурало да Хенрицо деца имају мушке узоре

Објављено 6:13 ам, Децембар 16, 2016, by Melissa Hipolit, Updated at 07:06PM, Децембар 16, 2016 HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — There's a new team in Henrico County and their first game involves giving away 200 pounds of gifts to kids in Highland Springs. "It's gonna be...

Председник Обама на очинства и радна места

When men don’t have work, when they don’t feel good about being able to support their families, then often they detach themselves. … So, part of the challenge here is to say to young men, ‘Take responsibility for your children.But part of it is...

ЦДЦ ФастСтатс- Неожењен рађања Информације

Number of live births to unmarried women: 1,604,870 Birth rate for unmarried women: 43.9 births per 1,000 unmarried women aged 15-44 years Percent of all births to unmarried women: 40.2% хттп://

Мост популар баби имена 2015

Pamela Redmond Charlotte and Ezra are the Number 1 names on Nameberry's list of Most Popular Names of 2015. The names of Britain's new princess and a Biblical hero attracted the most page views of a total 300 million on the site. But...

Датум са татом Евент

хттп:// Girls For A Change/CAMP DIVA Richmond, Virginia-based CAMP DIVA partnered with Girls For A Change to...