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The Positive Impact a Father Makes

By June 21, 2021 June 9th, 2022 No Comments

Yesterday as our outreach staff celebrated Father’s Day, they took time to reflect on the fathers in their lives. The dads in our lives hold a special place in our hearts, whether their the step-dad to our children, or biological fathers or dads that were not always around, they still have had a positive impact on our lives and families. Laphillda, Yesenia and Tim share personal stories of the Dads they know:

Laphillda Davis

Eastern Outreach Coordinator

My husband supports his step children by never missing any of their games, discipling them when needed, and learning to praise their efforts. He stepped up when I needed more help with our son and his stepchildren. Jerome is studious, very healthful, enjoys challenges, is financially responsible, and a great father figure because he DOES his best by showing he loves the children and because he chose to learn how to work with the natural evolvement of the children and not push his ideal vision of a child, onto the children.


Yesenia Peiker

Northern Outreach Coordinator + Spanish Language Liaison

If asked, I would say my favorite memory of my father is when we would ride with the top down in his convertible listening to tunes belonging to The Eagles and Santana. And as I popped pink Starburst in my mouth, with my hair flapping in all directions, I managed to steal glimpses of my dad.

He was cool, controlled, and downright awesome.

Over the years, often in times of my personal turmoil or discontent, I catch myself right back in the passenger seat of some rendition of a convertible, listening to tunes that were all too familiar, discussing life, its problems, and its opportunities with my dad. These trips down memory lane help me to appreciate the times I had with my dad and help me to appreciate the fact that I had a dad who cares for me; despite the incendiary relationship he had with my mother.

Even though I was not raised by him, I am lucky enough to have a good relationship with my father. There is an added value to any child in knowing that a father and mother play active roles in their life. I am a lot like my father. We have the same taste for excellence, and we have the same temper. I am proud of my father and am proud of the fact that he continuously proves that with hard work and determination, everything is possible.

I always encourage dads that I come across in my life’s work to stay connected to their children despite the relationship they have with their children’s mother. As a mother to a son myself, I am so happy to see the father-son bond my child has with his father and the grandfather-grandson bond he has with his grandpa.

I can only hope that he too will look forward to the days of riding with the top down in his grandpa’s convertible.

Tim Helton

Western Outreach Coordinator

My parents divorced when I was a year old, so I have no memory of them being together. My mom and I moved to Roanoke from Bristol with her parents not long after, and my dad was all torn up about not being able to see me as often. Once monthly he made the nearly 5 hour round trip from Bristol on Fridays for me to see him for the weekend, and on Sundays he did it again to bring me home.

I was admittedly spoiled as a child. I had every toy and game imaginable. My dad also got me a pony and motorcycles to ride at his farm. But as an adult, I’m most impressed with his commitment to spending time with me for 48 very short hours a month. That’s love. That’s dedication. That’s what being a dad is all about. And I’m a better person for it.