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Transitioning your kids back to in person schooling

By March 21, 2021 June 21st, 2022 No Comments

Many schools are beginning to transition back to in-person learning. A lot of parents are probably feeling some mixed emotions right now, excitement, relief, anxiety. This is ok! So much has changed since your kids were in school every day so we’ve put together some tips to help ease the transition.

  • Reestablish or create a new family routine – kids thrive with routine and going back to school is a big change so create a clear family routine that everyone can follow. Establish a meal schedule, know when you need to meet the school bus, where do homework and fun fit in. you can also build your safety rules into your routine, such as having your kids put their dirty masks straight to the laundry room upon returning home from school, have sanitizer key chain on the backpack or even write a family handwashing song.
  • Set up a homework station – to assist with after schoolwork, set up a homework station. Remember to keep distractions low to help your child focus. If they had a virtual school set up, you can repurpose that!
  • Pad in some extra time in your schedule. Getting you and your family into a new routine takes time, be patient and allow yourself some extra time in the day for each activity. Flexibility is key.
  • Think positive! Your kids get to see their friends, you are more available for work with the kids out of the house! Are sports and afterschool activities starting? It is a perfect time for your kids to rekindle their passions.
  • Stay informed. As the last year has taught us, rules regarding COVID-19 can frequently change as more research and information is available. Have the school number saved in your phone, monitor your email or make sure you know how your school and district will share important updates, so you know about the changes as they are implemented.

So, remember, this is the new normal for all of us and you are not alone during this transition. There will be a lot of parents just like you, trying to figure out how to safely manage family and school as things begin to open. Lean on your family, friends and neighbors and reach out to your school or teachers if you need extra support.